West Hastings west from Homer

The building on the corner is now part of the Vancouver Film School, but it started life in 1903 as the Royal Bank of Canada. Dalton and Eveleigh designed the first classical bank in the city, and it used poured concrete with steel reinforcements for the foundations – one of the earliest buildings to feature this innovative technological advance. This allowed construction of secure vaults with walls over half a metre thick.

The building was developed and constructed by Vancouver pioneer, Jonathan Rogers, who also built the adjacent building to the west in 1899. It was started in October, and a huge umbrella was raised over the site to allow work in the winter rain, and The province reported the building cost $27,000 to construct.

The small building next door started life in 1904 as the Bank of Nova Scotia, like the Royal Bank designed by Dalton and Eveleigh. The Canadian Pacific Telegraph Building from 1901 is to the west, and the huge building across Richards Street is the Standard Building.


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