Dunsmuir and Howe – sw corner (1)

The passage of 120 years has seen this corner change more than once. Back in 1892 William Blackmore’s design for the Manor House Hotel had been standing for three years. The owner, Joseph Couture was living at the Hotel Vancouver in 1889 when the hotel was being built. He was almost certainly the same Joseph Couture who was living in New Westminster by 1891, born in Quebec and still single at the age of 54. The hotel was sold in 1894


Clive Woolley apparently was the successful bidder. It later became known as the Badminton Hotel, and for a while was owned by James McWhinnie who had earned his money in the timber trade, removing bark from logs. These days the site is home to the Standard Life Building, a relatively modest 14 storey office tower built in 1977 and (we think) designed by McCarter Nairne and Partners.

Image Source: City of Vancouver Archives Bu P402



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