Shaldon Hotel – 52 East Hastings Street (1)

The Shaldon Hotel seems to have started life with expectations that it would be called the Empress Hotel in 1908. The tall, narrow building a bit further west that is still called the Empress was initially the New Empress Hotel, and not built until 1913, and the Empres was next door, and built in 1909. Whether the Empress name was ever used here is unclear, but it seems unlikely, although that’s what it was called in Contract Record in 1908. When it was finished in 1909 it was called the Wright Building and the Grand Central Rooms. It was named after its owner, H D Wright of Seattle, and was designed by H B Watson.

Over the years it became the St James Hotel, (seen here in 1935), the Wilbur Rooms, the Windsor Hotel, and now the Shaldon Hotel. Here it’s shown in 1935. It was bought by BC Housing in 2008, and it has already received a new roof, with further renovations still to come in its continuing role as housing for low income residents.

Image source: City of Vancouver Archives Hot P76


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