Seymour Street – 500 block east side (1)

Three buildings on the top end of Seymour Street, just below Dunsmuir, seen here in 1926 in this Vancouver Public Library image. On the left is a Braunton and Leibert designed building built by Hoburg Surges Co for Standard Trust & Industrial for $50,000 in 1913. It’s a wonderfully complex terra-cotta facade that has seen better days, but was preserved when the rest of the building was refitted for Sam the Record Man. Next door is the Arts and Crafts Building. As can be seen, it was built in two stages.

The first phase was designed by Thomas Hooper for Evans and Hastings (who were printers), and constructed by Norton Griffiths Steel at a cost of $45,000 in 1911. In 1927 R T Perry was hired to add another three storeys, which he achieved without dramatically altering the building’s style.  The architect of the 1920 Railway Club building (in 1926 occupied by George H Hewitt & Co) is still a mystery, but the developer was H A Jones, probably using a mortgage from Viggo Laursen.


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