728 Granville Street

Another example of where the ‘new’ building isn’t necessarily an improvement on what was there before. 728 Granville Street today is part of the Vancouver Centre which includes the Scotiabank Tower and London Drugs. Back in 1922 Grant and Henderson’s 3-storey stores and office building was 10 years old. It had cost developer J West $15,000 to build, and had Mission Confectionery and Brown Bros Florists as tenants, with a number of office tenants on the second floor (including a doctor) and the 7th Battalion Club on the third. When it was first built Mission Confectionery were tenants, and upstairs the offices were occupied by a doctor, a dentist and the Strasthcona Club. The American Club were on the third floor.

The Vancouver Centre (which also saw the Birks Building demolished) was completed in 1976 to the designs of Toronto based architects Webb Zerafa Menkes Housden.

Image source: City of Vancouver Archives CVA 371-885


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