Granville and Drake

While Granville Street has seen some significant redevelopment in the past few years, the north west corner of Drake Street has remained pretty much unchanged. As the 1935 image shows, the building on the corner dates back over 90 years. This end of Granville Street obviously had an auto-related theme as both Goodyear and Firestone had premises within a block of here in 1914. When we first published this in 2012 we had no information on who built the 25 ft 2-storey building next door, although it’s looked to be a century or more old – and the stucco finish today isn’t an improvement on the original design. We now know it was developed by Reinhart Hoffmeister in 1912, who also developed the building next door.

The new building just edging into the picture to the north is Candela Place, a new non-market housing building completed in 2002 and designed by Burrowes Huggins Architects for the City of Vancouver.

Image source: City of Vancouver Archives CVA 99-4806


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