Labour Temple – Dunsmuir Street

The Labour Temple at 411 Dunsmuir was built for ‘Vancouver Labor Temple Co’ after a number of false starts in 1911 by Norton Griffiths in reinforced concrete to a design by Thomas Hooper. This photograph was taken some time during the first decade of its existence. It didn’t stay as the Labour Temple for long – in 1921 it became the Vancouver Technical School, and through the 1930s it was known as the Worker’s Comp Building, but had a significant number of small offices including Old Age Pensions and the Inspector of Schools. In more recent years it was owned by the Province of BC, who in turn leased it to a Senior’s Centre. They were given the building a few years ago, and in 2011 they sold it. What the future holds for this 100 year old building has now been revealed as a seismic restoration, and a small addition on the back of the building.

Image source: BC Archives


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