Hotel Europe (2)

We saw the fabulous Parr and Fee flatiron building of the Hotel Europe before, but this 1931 angle really shows the delight of the flatiron solution to filling the site. The building was erected in 1908 for Angelo Calori, and is probably the first reinforced concrete building in the city.

The other feature of note is the amount of additional clutter that has been added to the street. It’s winter, so at least you can see the building through the tree, but there are chains, bollards, clustered light fittings, coloured block sidewalks and banners on the streetlamps. The telegraph poles and tracks for the streetcar have gone though, and you can’t park all the way down the street anymore.

Image source: City of Vancouver Archives CVA 99-3892



Posted 18 March 2012 by ChangingCity in Gastown, Still Standing

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