St Francis Hotel – West Cordova and Seymour (2)

We saw the St Francis in earlier days in our last post, back in 1925. Here it is in 1981, not long before the wrecking ball paid a visit. The lower cornice, marking the limit of E E Blackmore’s 1907 building has been lost, but J S Pearce’s rooftop cornice is still partly intact. The original bar was by the time this photo was taken a shadow of its former self. In 1906 much was made of the bar having its entrance at Cordova and Seymour, and the hotel an entrance a storey above coming in up the hill on Seymour. In 1918, when J Nation was the proprietor, the hotel advertisement said “The St. Francis Hotel is directly opposite C. P. R. Depot and Wharf, one block from the Post Office and main business streets. The hotel is modern in every particular. Large sitting and lounging rooms overlooking the water and North Vancouver. Dining – room in connection, and the prices are moderate.”

Up the hill you can see that the 1950s rework of the Bank of Ottawa was a simpler box than the building we see today, with its fancier canopy addition. By 1981 the buildings between the St Francis and the bank had also been cleared away.

Image sourc: City of Vancouver Archives CVA 779-E01.17


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