Shaldon Hotel – 52 East Hastings Street (2)

Windsor Hotel 52 E Hastings 1931

We’ve seen the Shaldon Hotel before, and here’s a slightly earlier image from 1931 when it was known as the Windsor Hotel. As seems to be the case for a number of the city’s hotels, the same name has appeared on more than one building over the years – there was another Windsor Hotel on Granville Street, and an earlier building with the same name on Water Street in the 1890s.

In 1931 the hotel was owned by L S Barrack  who seems to have recently acquired it from Sam Plastino, an Italian who had been born in Italy in 1886 and was married to a Scottish born wife. Whether he was related to the Sam Plastino accused (unsuccessfully) of being a white slaver in Spokane twenty years earlier isn’t clear. That Sam Plastino was a former Northwest pool playing champion turned real estate agent who was fined and then jailed for bootlegging in 1917.

Photo source: City of Vancouver Archives CVA 99-3884


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