731 Burrard Street

731 Burrard

This is the home of jeweller C N Davidson in 1898. That’s Mrs Cecilia Davidson in front, so presumably it’s her son, Freeman on the pony, and Cicero (her husband, born in Ontario in 1859) holding their younger son, Irwin (who seems to have been known by his middle name, Norman). Freeman’s rather unusual name came from his father’s mother, who was Jane Freeman. Records suggest it was probably similar to his uncle’s name: records show Freman Davidson was born in Brantford, Ontario, in 1862. There looks to be a family resemblance in the gentleman holding the pony, so that’s probably his brother Augustus A Davidson who was listed at the same address in 1898. A year earlier the two brothers had incorporated the Shamrock Mining Co (with shares worth $250,000) with a third partner, William Brooks. At that time Augustus lived in Victoria running the Victoria branch of Davidson Brothers, jewelers.

We saw a smaller version of this image when we looked at an early picture of the Parr and Fee designed stores that Mr Davidson built on his property in 1911. They’re still standing today, as is Irwinton Court, the apartments he built here on the other part of his land in 1912. The family moved deeper into the West End, to Harwood Street. This house appears to have been built in 1891 – Mr Davidson is listed here in the 1892 Street Directory. Two doors away ‘C O Wickendin’ the architect was in residence (actually the prolific C O Wickenden who was designing many of the important buildings in the city around then). Cicero Napier Davidson remarried in 1922 when he was aged 60, and widowed. His wife, Rose Dalton, was from England, divorced and aged 36. Augustus also settled in Vancouver, and on his death in 1950 was buried in the Burnaby Masonic cemetary.

Image source: City of Vancouver CVA Str N2



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