Cambie and Broadway nw (2)

Cambie & Broadway 2

In 1953 a Royal Bank appeared on the north-west corner of Cambie and Broadway. In the interim during the 1940s the Hall Motor Co operated on the corner, with a cartage firm just down the street, although both had gone by the early 1950s. Before that there was a filling station, as we showed in an earlier post. Commonwealth Construction built the new bank, and Leonard Frank recorded its construction in 1952 (below). There were still houses on Broadway to the west.

Alongside and behind the bank Fairchild Square was developed in 1989 – an auto centred mall with small retail stores and restaurants around a central parking courtyard, with offices at the back for Fairchild Radio and TV. The centre was developed by Thomas Fung, the owner of Fairchild Media.

Fairchild went on to develop the Aberdeen Centre in Richmond, and PCI took on development of the site, hiring Peter Busby’s architectural company to replace the bank (who are back in the new building) along with Wholefoods, London Drugs, Lululemon and medical and other office space in a project called Crossroads, completed in 2009.

Image source, City of Vancouver Archives CVA 772-318 and Jewish Museum LF.01614


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