Cambie and Broadway sw (1)

Broadway & Cambie sw

What could be better to locate opposite a prominent billboard than another billboard? Here’s the south-west corner of Cambie and Broadway in 1932 with site occupied by a hoarding. Up the street is the funeral home of Nunn and Thompson, but the entire corner site is taken up with a trio of advertising billboards. There had been buildings here – the 1912 Insurance map shows two structures although the street directory said the store on the corner with Bridge Street (as Cambie was called then) was vacant.

In 1941 the corner was still vacant, but there was a new Safeway store next door at 510 West Broadway and there had been stores further west for many years. In 1986 the existing building was built on the corner, and ten years earlier the office building used by the Vancity Credit Union, and now the City of Vancouver, was built up the hill on the corner of West 10th.

Image source; City of Vancouver Archives CVA 20-112


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