Hornby Street – 800 block


Our 1965 image shows just how much this area of Downtown has grown in under 50 years. There were plenty of surface parking lots in those days, and the greenery consisted of untended sidewalks rather than proliferating street trees. In winter the view is a little less lush, and it’s possible to see a little of the Hotel Vancouver and the Art Gallery (still the court building) in the 700 block to the north.

Mayfair 1974Today the rather brutal 1960s 13-storey tower on the left is lost in the streetwall of buildings, but it stood out in 1965 when it was a recently completed Peter Kaffka designed hotel. As far as we can tell it started life as the “the Johann Strauss hotel, restaurant and cabaret – modern and Viennese music nightly”. By 1974 it was the Mayfair Hotel, $15 a night and $3 for each additional guest ‘with complementary coffee and tea service for your added enjoyment”.

In 1984 it was dramatically transformed into the Wedgewood Hotel, one of the city’s classiest boutique hotels. The Law Courts complex on the east side of the street was eventually completed in 1980, as we saw in an earlier post.

Image source: City of Vancouver Archives CVA 2010-006.063


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