Hornby Street – 1200 Block

1200 block Hornby west

This picture dates back to 1981, and the view has remained remarkably unchanged for over 30 years. Back then it was a car lot – and it still is today. That will probably change soon as a pair of residential towers have been recently approved, one over 50 storeys high. The biggest change in the background is the Altadena tower on Burrard Street, completed in 2003. It started life as an office tower in 1995, was switched to a residential project in 1998 and then stopped, with a part-completed frame. A complete redesign saw the tower finally start up again with a new project by Lawrence Doyle Architects.

On the far right of the image was the brand new London Place office and condo building, built by the First Canadian Land Corporation and designed by A Debicki. The upper three floors of the red brick-clad stumpy tower had residential units with balconies, the lower floors were office space. The office was never very successful, and in 1995 the entire building was allowed to become residential.

Image source: City of Vancouver Archives CVA 779-W08.34


Posted 7 May 2014 by ChangingCity in Downtown

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