701 Granville Street (3)

700 Howe (not Granville)

Here are two more images that illustrate how different the 1981 Eatons incarnation of the Pacific Centre Mall departmental store was to the newly reclad and reconfigured building that’s there today. On the Howe Street side the building still offers little relief; it’s a box with emergency exit doors at ground level. The entrance ramp to the underground parking cuts into the sidewalk (and the entry ramp up the street crosses it on the corner in a way that traffic engineers would never allow today).

On the Granville Street side the design wasn’t significantly more pedestrian friendly; there was a narrow black slot window, and then emergency exits (that had to be retained in the redesign). The entire remaining building face was composed of concrete ‘stone’ panels; windowless except for another black slot under a curved metal façade on the top floor.

700 Granville 1

Further north along Granville the previous inset entrance has been filled in, and there are display windows rather than black glass panels.

Granville south 2

Image sources: City of Vancouver Archives CVA 779-W02.16, CVA 779-W02.19, and CVA 800-848


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