Lyric Theatre – 700 block Granville Street

Lyric Theatre 700 block Granville

The Lyric Theatre replaced Canadian Pacific’s Opera House that they built next door to their Hotel Vancouver (or more accurately, next to the addition designed by Francis Rattenbury). The first version of the Opera house was completed in 1889, and significantly rebuilt at a cost of $160,000 in 1912 by then owners, US impresarios Sullivan and Considine to the design in this picture. The architects were hired locally; Donnellan and Donnellan, originally from Seattle specialised in theatre design.

In 1928 it was known as the Vancouver Theatre, although the office space on the street front was still known as the Orpheum Building, (a name it retained for many years). The Orpheum Theatre had moved south and across the street in 1927 where it was initially known as The New Orpheum. In 1935 this building was renamed as the Lyric, still showing vaudeville, but also pictures. In 1947 it became the International Cinema, and it wasn’t a theatre any more but rather a Famous Players house until 1960 when it reverted to the Vancouver Theatre name, before closing in 1969. It was demolished for the new Eatons department store, recently given a new lease of life as Nordtroms with, once again (for the first time since 1969) office space on the upper floors.

Image source: City of Vancouver Archives Bu N439.5


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