Richards Street – 600 block, west side (2)

600 Richards west

We recently looked at this block further down the hill in 1974. Here’s an image shot in 1981 a bit further south. The building on the corner is, we suspect, quite a bit older than it appears. It’s addressed as 501 West Georgia, and dates back to 1908. This image shows it’s appearance has evolved quite a bit over the years, although the dimensions of the building remain consistent, so the frame may well be 108 years old.

The buildings running north down the hill have remained remarkably unchanged for a 35 year interval. The back of the Bay’s parkade is here – although one day it will finally get redeveloped. Apparently underneath the observation tower of the Harbour Centre, Dunsmuir House (the former Dunsmuir Hotel) is also awaiting restoration and is in the meantime boarded up. It’s owned by the same owners as the parkade, and eventually almost all this block will be redeveloped.

Image source: City of Vancouver Archives CVA 779-E05.32


Posted 25 February 2016 by ChangingCity in Downtown, Still Standing

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