East Pender Street westwards (1)

E Pender westwards

This is another unidentified Archives shot, which we’ve pinned down (with no difficulty) to the 100 block of East Pender Street. Initially we suggested it dated from around 1974, when many of the undated images seem to have been shot. However, the Sun Tower stands alone in the distance but the Scotiatower (completed in 1976) sits right behind it. There are relatively newly planted trees, but the design of the ‘heritage’ lights is different from today, and the dragons haven’t yet been added to the lamp posts. On the right is the Lee building, rebuilt after a fire in 1972, and alongside is the Wong family association building built in 1921. Eagle-eyed reader Dave notes that the cars have white letters on a blue background, and the back plates have a red sticker along the bottom, This would date the photo between January 1980 to December 1981.

At the end of the block was the former Great Northern hotel which we think was built originally by the Sam Kee Company in 1911. We looked at that building (which had an extra floor added in the 1980s) in a several posts, most recently here, when we also noted the history we were able to find for the other structures on this block. Across Columbia Street there was a 1904 building developed by Loo Gee Wing, substantially remodeled in the 1930s and then rebuilt comprehensively in the 1970s.

Image source: City of Vancouver Archives CVA 800-2380


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