Davie and Hornby Street – se corner

This corner of Davie and Hornby is now owned by a development company with plans to build a rental residential tower – which will be the third tower on the block. The building that’s there today isn’t of great age, or architectural merit. It was only built in 1975, so was barely six years old in the ‘before’ picture. At the time it housed a store offering the height of fashionable sleeping – Pacific Waterbeds (who moved from Burrard Street). Today it’s a rather more useful 7-11 store.

The building that was demolished to build the store was quite a bit bigger; an apartment building completed in 1910, known at the time as Rhodesia Mansions (and later the Rhodesia Rooms). That building was developed by Samuel Burris, who also developed the Cecil Hotel, with his sister, Olive Grant. Not surprisingly he hired her brother, George Grant, half of architects Grant and Henderson, to design the $15,000 investment. We’ve spotted the rooms on an early (1926) aerial photograph, but none of our usual sources of images seems to have captured it in a street view before it was demolished.

1200 Burrard, a ten storey office building completed in 1978, still dominates the corner, (full of medical offices), but the gas station across the street is likely to see a residential tower that could be 40 or more storeys; the site having been bought by a developer. (The 19 storey tower that appears at the back is Milano, a residential condo built in 1999).

Image source: City of Vancouver Archives CVA 779-W08.36


Posted May 27, 2019 by ChangingCity in Downtown, Still Standing

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