Granville Slopes from above

The area between Granville Bridge and Burrard Bridge on the Downtown side of False Creek is called, in City policy documents, Granville Slopes. Like much of the surrounding Downtown South area, until the 1980s the area was mostly low-density commercial buildings, with a few multi-storey structures.

Our before image was undated in the Archives, one of the aerial shots taken for the City by Gordon Sayles. It’s possible to estimate the date from the construction of the buildings on the left, by Burrard Street. Anchor Point, a series of mid-rise brick clad condo buildings was completed in January 1978, so this must be from 1977. Daon Developments were the developers of the Waisman Dewar Grout designed apartment complex, which was subsequently strata titled in 1982. Today developers are attempting to acquire each of the strata buildings for redevelopment, but have so far failed to persuade the number of owners that are needed to make that possible.

We estimate that today there are over,000 residential units (so about 25,000 people) living in the area of the picture. In 1977 it would have been a few hundred, at most. Our contemporary image was posted in mid 2019 by Trish Jewison, who flies in the BC Global traffic helicopter.

Image source City of Vancouver Archives, CVA 515-8 and Trish Jewison, twitter.


Posted 13 April 2020 by ChangingCity in Altered, Downtown

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