From Granville Bridge (2)

Like our previous shot, this is an undated view from Granville Bridge. We think it was taken on the same day, probably around 1978. The 1974 tower at Pacific Centre can be seen down Granville Bridge, and the Scotiatower is behind the lamppost, dating from 1976. The dark TD tower can still be seen, but a condo tower that replaced the Capitol Theatre on Seymour Street hides the Vancouver Centre from this spot today. The pedestrian illustrated warning of the approaching crosswalk has, over 40 years, become either a little more athletic, or bent over.

Here’s a slightly more distant version of the same view. From here it was possible to see that the railyards that were developed in the 1980s as the Expo ’86 World’s Fair, and since then as a new residential area built by Concord Pacific. Today the two buildings on the right are part of their Beach Neighbourhood, with Icon, from 2006 on the tight and Park West, the taller tower two years earlier. The development agreement required land to be available for the City to develop non-market housing, and some time this view will change with the addition of a new tower to the east (right) of the bridge’s offramp. It’s planned at 54 storeys with condos in the tower over a podium of 152 non-market apartments to be given to the City of Vancouver. There’s another potential non-market site closer to us, currently vacant as well.

Image sources: City of Vancouver Archives CVA 800-3261 and CVA 800-3260


Posted 28 September 2020 by ChangingCity in Altered, Downtown

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