Pacific Street east from Burrard (2)

We looked at a version of this view from a different angle a few months ago. This image by the City Engineers, is dated 1980-1997, but we can pin it down to 1982 when the Kilborn Building (on the left, and pretty much the only building on the image) was completed. The construction hoarding is up, but it looks almost complete.

In the 40 years since the image was taken, the tree in the middle has grown a lot, and thousands of new apartments have been added, including several hundred very recently. On the left is The Pacific, 39 storeys and 224 apartments, with an arts facility (gifted to the City) beyond it. Beyond it are two towers, The 501 from 1999 at 32 storeys and behind it The Charleson, from 2017 at 43 storeys.

Across the street to the south, Pacific Promenade is the earliest residential building in the picture, from 1994, with a brick skin. Behind, and to the south, is Pomaria, from 2007, and the biggest tower, the 52 floors of Vancouver House, only recently completed. From here it looks like a normal tower, but the base starts as a triangle and then gradually increases into a rectangular floorplate at the top. Further east are the first of Concord Pacific’s Beach neighbourhood towers – (there are more to the south, hidden from this point).

This is by no means a completed development picture. Another 50+ storey tower is planned beyond Vancouver House, on a podium of non-market housing. On the left the City have a recently approved rezoning to add four more towers to replace the off-ramp loops from Granville Bridge, replacing them with a regular street grid, and freeing up development sites. Closest to us, in a location that will no doubt one day block the view of Vancouver House, is a large City-owned site that has yet to see a development proposal.

Image source: City of Vancouver Archives CVA 772-275


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