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5 West 2nd Avenue

The Vancouver Archives identify this 1943 image as showing 29 West 3rd Avenue. We were surprised to find it was actually on West 2nd, and still standing today (although probably not for much longer).

In 1944 the company advertised as manufacturing A 1 MAJOR SAWDUST BURNERS, AIRCRAFT AND INDUSTRIAL ALUMINUM CASTINGS. The business had been located on West 3rd, and we assume this image shows new premises.

From the street directories it appears that there was a house here from 1900, when James Sparks, a carpenter lived here, until the early 1940s.

The former premises on West 3rd were still in use, but as A1 Pattern Shop, and A1 Steel and Iron Foundry.

Major sawdust burners were used with domestic range appliances, using a waste product widely available in Vancouver. (Many mills burned the sawdust in beehive burners, just to get rid of it). In 1940 Forst’s departmental store had the “Major Sawdust Burner” on sale for $23.50.

The building was in use in 1955 by Major Aluminum Products, and Western Magnesium Ltd. That all ennded in 1961, when an announcement by Maynards, in the Vancouver Sun said “We have received instructions from Mr. Robt. D. Young, C.A., of Young, Peers, Milner & Company, 1292 W. Georgia St., Trustee in Bankruptcy, To Sell; WITHOUT RESERVE BY PUBLIC AUCTION THURS., 10 A.M. 1:30 7:30 The Entire Plant Equipment, Machine Shop and Office Equipment.” As well as a lot of equipment, the sale included “12,000 lbs. Alum. Ingots”.

Today there’s a car repair garage, but its days are numbered as the site is now part of the South-East False Creek residential area and an application has been submitted to develop an 18-storey rental building, with retail on the main floor.

Image source: City of Vancouver Archives CVA Indust P8.


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