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1134 Barclay Street

In 1968 this 15 unit apartment building was for sale for $63,000. The MLS details says rent was $777 a month. At first we thought that was a bit high – then we realised it was from all 15 suites. The building is described as being in a Hi Rise zone, and built with a stone exterior. The agent selling the property was unsure how old the building was. We know from the building permit that it dated back to 1909 when Vancouver Construction Co Ltd designed and built it for Mrs Jennie McLeod. Unusually for the period it was described as being a concrete dwelling house.

There were hundreds of McLeods in British Columbia in 1911 – there were three called Jennie, and none were likely to be property owners. Fortunately the street directory from 1910 gives the owner as Alex Macleod, timber cruiser, and the 1911 census confirms that Jenny Macleod aged 42 lived with her husband Alexander and their son, and a servant, Jensen Ange, at this address. Both were of Scottish decent, but Jenny was American while Alexander had been born in Scotland. In 1920 there’s still a MacLeod, Allen, listed at this address.

During the 1930s Mrs E Milloy is listed in the directories as the owner, and in 1936 the directory adds the word ‘rooms’. Looking at the picture it appears that behind the facade there’s a house which was added to, and the style suggests this could well have been in the 1930s as the economy of the day saw big houses becoming rooming houses, a common occurence in the West End.

Despite the ‘hi-rise’ zoning, in 1982 a 6-storey apartment building, Barclay Place, was completed on the site. Although it’s stratified, for the time being at least the 42 units are rentals.


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