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West Georgia and Seymour – se corner (1)

We haven’t been able to identify the architect or builder (probably the same person) of these six rental houses, lined up on Georgia Street. We know when they were built because the 1901 Fire Insurance Map says “newly completed dwellings”, and the image must be very soon after that as the street is still being leveled. (Major Matthews noted this as maybe 1890, but that’s too early). The 1901 City Directory identified their residents as including an undertaker, next door was Mrs Cornelia Van Horne, widow, G B Jones, a traveller, and Mrs McGregor, a seamstress. (Mrs Van Horne was the widow of Paul Van Horne, and was born in Hillier, Ontario).

By 1903 they’d all moved on, replaced by new tenants including Thomas Summers, chief engineer (at the Hastings saw mill) and R A Leonard, a cannery manager. There’s a church just on the edge of the picture: that’s William Blackmore’s First Congregational Church which was completed in 1889, and didn’t last long as by 1912 the congregation had moved to the corner of Thurlow and Pendrell. In 1915 jeweler George Trorey owned these buildings as he paid for ‘repairs to tenements’ here that year.

McCarter, Nairne and Partners designed the 1975 section of the Telus building, with the sunken plaza and White Spot restaurant either, but that probably doesn’t matter as it will be dramatically changing, starting in a few weeks time, as the massive office expansion of Telus Gardens will replace the low rise element and finally cover the mostly blank flank wall. There’s a 46 storey residential tower as part of the project, but that’s located south on Robson Street.

Image source City of Vancouver Archives LGN 482


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